"What You See is What We Will Compute."

Object Scanning Service

  • We convert your real world objects into 3D meshes
  • Photographs from different angles (Photogrammetry).

Hover to see preview, touch/click to start actual 3D viewer.

3D Product Presentation

A 3D product viewer for all devices: from desktop PC to mobile phones to VR glasses. Configuration choices and user interface as decided by website owner.

Touch/Click to rotate, use cogwheel symbol to configure the demo product.

Augmented Reality Models

Present 3D Models in the live camera view of web consumers. No app installation required, works on iPhone and Android phones. Ideal for product previews.

On mobile phone: Use AR symbol to place the 3D model out in your camera view.

CloseUp - Viewer for Large Images

Show your clients large images in the original high resolution, while saving bandwidth and obstructing snatch downloads.

Mousewheel/Two-finger-touch to zoom, Touch/click to pan.

Connected 360˚ Views

We capture 360° footage that can be linked & published within hours.
The viewer can be completely customized to your requirements.

Touch/click to rotate view. Double-click/double-touch color-changing portals to teleport.

Interactive Book Viewer

Interactive Book Presentation (e.g. for museums or antiquarian bookshops). Scanned pages provide a preview of the book content, the book cover can be embossed with metal shades.

Double-click/double-touch to open and close the book and to turn pages.

Sunlight Maps

Sun position and exposure simulation for outdoors, landscape and buildings.

Hover to see preview, touch/click to start actual 3D viewer.

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