geofront e.U. is an Austrian R&D company for computer vision and general purpose computation on graphics hardware (aka GPUs).

Its founder, Dr. Gernot Ziegler, has more than fifteen years of graphics hardware experience, and is supported by a team of contracted engineers that are dedicated to taking on GPU software development on behalf of geofront's customers.

We develop novel cutting-edge algorithms, applying real-time graphics concepts to computer vision tasks and other spatial signal processing, such as light wavefront simulation, video compression and computer tomography.

We supply contracted research and software development, leading engineers to implemented solutions. Services include task assessment and white board advice on solution approaches in workshops. These can also be combined with training for GPU development.

Our on-demand advice can support your engineering staff during their software development on graphics hardware.

What is a GPU?
What is Photogrammetry?
What is 3D on the Web?

"What You See is What We Will Compute."

Sunlight Maps for Construction Planning & Solar industry

Sunlight simulation for outdoors, landscape and buildings, also accrued over time. #photogrammetry #web3D #GPGPU

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